iSIGN was founded in 1981 as a successful private venture launched from the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in Palo Alto (Silicon Valley), California. Based on research conducted by SRI on proprietary pattern recognition technologies, iSIGN’s original development and marketing focus was on handwriting recognition, including Palm, Inc.’s Graffiti 2 software. In the mid-90s the company added electronic signature technology to its portfolio and was an early success story in the nascent document automation sector. Testament to the value of the iSIGN solutions are clients including AIG, Nationwide, Charles Schwab, Prudential, Snap-on Credit and Wells Fargo Bank that adopted iSIGN technology to integrate electronic signatures into their business processes and workflows. Today’s clients include the largest of insurance carriers, financial institution, the mortgage lending ecosystem, healthcare and other businesses that value iSIGN’s unique expertise, rely on its portfolio of patents and extensive know-how and appreciate our long and successful history in delivering value to our clients.