iSign® Console™

iSign® Console™ leverages iSIGN’s core electronic signature engine (SignatureOne® Ceremony™ Server) and is ideal for individuals and organizations alike that are in need of a standalone e-signature solution. iSign® Console™ allows for manual document uploads and seamlessly manages routing and notifications. Form and signature fields are assigned with simple tools and a dashboard offers transparency and status updates. iSign® Console™ represents a secure and intuitive solution that requires no integration and is available on iSIGN’s cutting-edge Amazon EC2 cloud deployment. Enterprise customers also have the option to install iSign® Console™ on-premise, behind their firewalls (contact customer support for details).

iSign® Console™ offers the following principal benefits and features:

  • Improved operational efficiency and reduced costs

    • Eliminates paper from business processes

    • Improves data collection, reducing errors and the time required for corrections

    • Accelerates transaction management and completion times, allowing for greater focus on revenue generating activities

    • Avoids direct costs related to document processing, such as mailing, scanning and filing

  • Clear proof of signer intent with detailed audit trail

    • Creates a legally binding signature secured in a tamper evident “seal” that is viewable and verifiable in any PDF reader

    • Provides security against signature repudiation attempts

  • Accessed in the Cloud from all common browsers, both mobile and desktop

  • Easy on-premise integrations with any software/hardware combination

  • Supports multiple e-signature methods

  • Represents the perfect balance among standard features, flexibility and scalability

    • Adaptable to meet the needs of our partners and clients

  • Greatly improved customer experience offering fully integrated face-to-face and remote (via email) signing options

  • In line with sustainability efforts aimed at reducing environmental resource consumption