The electronic signature industry is in a rapid expansion phase. There is a wide range of providers from point solutions offering simple, click-to-sign web browser signatures to multi million dollar, highly customized implementations. Enterprises that are new to esignatures should proceed with extreme caution in selecting a reliable vendor. iSIGN’s suite of products and services represent a clearly differentiated and industry-leading offering that is based on secure, compliant, flexible, robust and scalable technologies that are second-to-none in our market.

Most secure

Electronic solutions are expanding at a rapid pace, resulting in exponential rate proliferation of electronic data and bringing data security and protection issues to the forefront. Enterprises adopting esignature technologies must assure that sensitive data is well protected. With more that ten years of successful esignature implementations for Fortune 500 companies, iSIGN recognizes that security is a crucial requirement for our enterprise clients. We are proud to offer the world’s most advanced security solutions and protocols as part of our esignature offering.

Security also refers to protection from lawsuits and attempts by signers to repudiate. iSIGN possesses the largest intellectual property portfolio in the industry. We continue to invest in providing the ultimate protection from costly and time-consuming lawsuits and offering a unique additional benefit when selecting iSIGN’s electronic signature solution. Our technology can also verify the authenticity of a signer’s biometric signature, provide tamper-proof evidence for electronic documents, offer a detailed audit trail to show signer intent and protect against repudiation, and deliver added security through authentication and OTP integrations.

More flexible

iSIGN’s products and services are developed to provide our clients with customization options and to ensure a strong fit between our solutions and their business models. We strive for an optimal balance among standard features, customization, affordability and scalability. Our clients can implement an esignature solution that meets their requirements instead of having to choose between uniform and inflexible solutions or highly customized offerings. Available on-premise or in the Cloud, on or offline, with any software, on any hardware and using any type of electronic signature, iSIGN has a solution to address our clients’ specific requirements, including market leading engineering services to seamlessly integrate our solutions into client specific workflow and architectural environments.

Partner focused

iSIGN has a long tradition of successful direct implementations with end-users, but we understand that a signature often represents one of the final steps in a larger and more complex business process. In an effort to improve the end-user experience we integrate our technology with partner companies across different verticals and platform types, so that our clients and their customers can enjoy the benefits offered by complete solutions. To enable rapid implementations, integration is priority work at iSIGN. [NOTE: link to partners]

More expertise

iSIGN esignature technology has over 10 years of successful implementations with Fortune 500 companies and is the leader in enterprise electronic signature solutions. Protected by the largest patent portfolio of any esignature company and developed by engineers with an average tenure of over 8 years, our technology has powered over a billion transactions and represents a reliable, secure, flexible and easy to integrate solution for enterprise clients and their service providers.


Of the leading electronic signature vendors, iSIGN is the only one that is truly independent. We have no exclusive relationships with major IT, cloud, software and/or hardware companies and would never mandate that our clients use a specific partner, software or hardware solution. Our sole objective is to deliver value through a suite of best-in-class products and services. Our solutions will fit your needs and not the other way around.


iSIGN has existing substantive relationships in Asia and Europe and is the only esignature provider with an installed base in all five continents. iSIGN is committed to the deployment of electronic signature solutions in major markets around the world and has a growing number of partners, distributors and agents around the globe. This presence provides a unique asset for our multinational clients that require solutions to function seamlessly across borders.