"iSIGN has an outstanding reputation as a leader in providing electronic signature solutions that have passed the test of user acceptance, value and functionality within the industries we serve."

— Dan Delity, Senior VP, EbixExchange

Six of North America’s Top Ten insurance companies rely on iSIGN technology. This is a testament both to the quality of iSIGN solutions and to the fact that adoption of esignatures in the insurance industry is rapidly advancing due to the tremendous savings and efficiencies available to one of the most paper-intensive industries. Using iSIGN technology, current clients, including Prudential, AIG, Travelers, WFG and others, have completed the automation of many insurance products and processes, such as policy application and administration systems, client relationship management systems, and agency management systems, to name a few.


Real straight through processing

Our solutions offer significantly more than a signature. Our seamless integration with any of your document management systems can remove all paper-based elements of your business processes. Forms are prefilled, data is more accurate, routing is automated, postage, scanning, faxing and data reentry are eliminated.

Lower OPEX

A more efficient process gives you the ability to transact the same amount of business with fewer resources, or more business with the same resources. Either way, your company’s performance will improve. Our esignatures also help to eliminate direct costs related to postage, scanning, faxing and other processing costs.

Happy customers

While you are becoming more efficient, your clients are no longer faced with printing, scanning, overnighting, etc. What used to be painful is now a pleasant experience that reduces the amount of time required with menial tasks and makes your clients appreciative (and more loyal) for the higher quality service you provide. You can also wow them with mobile-driven, face-to-face or hybrid, as well as remote-location signature capabilities. Moreover, an increasing number of users expect companies to provide them with electronic solutions.

Improved tracking, visibility and control

iSIGN allows for real time tracking for each document package sent for esignature. You will have the visibility and control to know each signatory’s status enabling you to target your follow-up effort more efficiently.


iSIGN solutions allow you to selecting a method and workflow that can both meet the compliance and regulatory requirements, as well as the business needs of your firm. iSIGN esignatures are legally binding and meet all relevant electronic signatures guidelines and standards, as put forth by the SEC, FINRA, IRI and others, as well as the laws and directives of most countries.