Other Industries

"iSIGN uniquely offers a common framework to deliver legally binding and compliant electronic signatures to partners and customers, regardless of the specific business process being automated, type of documents being signed, or method of signature required."

— Neelima Sagar, Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

For any organization that relies on handwritten signatures to complete transactions, our esignature solutions can reduce your operating costs and increase completion speed. Join the 400 channel partners and enterprises worldwide that use iSIGN to become more efficient and provide better service to their constituents. Our legally binding and secure solutions are currently being used in government procurement, contract management, purchasing, logistics and numerous other applications that can benefit from an improved and streamlined business process.



Faster cycle times

Through iSIGN, what used to take days or weeks now only takes minutes or hours. A more efficient and friendly process means that revenue loss from delays or errors is greatly reduced, and your human resources have more time to focus on new sales opportunities.

Lower OPEX

A more efficient process gives you the ability to transact the same amount of business with fewer resources, or more business with the same resources. Either way, your company’s performance will improve. Our esignatures also help to eliminate direct costs related to postage, scanning, faxing and other processing costs.

Happy customers

While you are becoming more efficient, your clients are no longer faced with printing, scanning, overnighting, etc. What used to be painful is now a pleasant experience that reduces the amount of time required with menial tasks and makes your clients appreciative (and more loyal) for the higher quality service you provide. You can also wow them with mobile-driven, face-to-face or hybrid, as well as remote-location signature capabilities. Moreover, an increasing number of users expect companies to provide them with electronic solutions.

Improved tracking, visibility and control

iSIGN allows for real time tracking for each document package sent for esignature. You will have the visibility and control to know each signatory’s status enabling you to target your follow-up effort more efficiently.

Reduce risk

iSIGN esignatures can provide a greater level of security compared to handwritten signatures, through our tamper proof audit trail and our authentication and verification technologies. We also reduce risk by preventing data capture inaccuracies and reducing related errors and omissions. With iSIGN you can enjoy peace of mind that your signatures are secure, legally binding and defensible in a court of law.