Electronic Signatures Around the World

iSIGN is a Silicon Valley, California software company that is changing the way enterprises transact business. With the world’s most secure and flexible esignature solutions, iSIGN works across a wide range of industries supporting the transition towards a truly paperless business workflow. iSIGN has deployments with over 400 channel partners and enterprises worldwide, representing hundreds of thousands of users with over 100 million electronic signatures captured each year. iSIGN technology eliminates the need for billions of paper sheets and is a key driver in enterprise cost and human resource efficiencies.

iSIGN is the electronic signature of choice for enterprises (and their service providers) that place a high value on security and that require a flexible, scalable and mobile solution that is simple to integrate and tailored to fit their requirements. iSIGN’s industry leading solutions are used by the world’s largest banks and insurance companies to process legally binding signatures that are protected by our patent portfolio and that can incorporate authentication and verification solutions along with an iron clad audit trail for non-repudiation.

iSIGN has existing substantive relationships in Asia and Europe and is the only esignature provider with an installed base in five continents. iSIGN is committed to the deployment of electronic signature solutions in major markets around the world and has a growing number of partners, distributors and agents around the globe. This presence provides a unique asset for multinational clients that require solutions to functions seamlessly across borders.

About Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures are enforceable by law in many countries and have the same legal effect as handwritten signatures on paper documents. Esignatures have been in use for over ten years and are gaining wider acceptance as part of the general trend towards dematerialization that is aimed at the complete removal of paper. This technology can generate significant efficiencies through real cost reduction related to postage, scanning and processing, as well as intangible improvements related to the opportunity cost of having to track down signatures, fix errors and devote time to non-revenue generating activities. Less time spent managing transactions results in an increase of time available to generate new business and in a substantially improved customer experience.


Electronic signatures are legal in the US and in a growing number of countries around the world. Based upon laws such as the European Directive 1999/93/EC and the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Electronic Signature, esignatures legally are viewed as being the equivalent to a handwritten signature. As an electronic signature pioneer, iSIGN has been an integral part of the dialogue and innovation that has made electronic signatures an increasingly accepted business technology tool and iSIGN fully supports pertinent laws.


iSIGN provides the world’s most secure electronic signature solution. Trusted by Fortune 100 companies to handle over a billion signatures in high value transaction environments, iSIGN solutions offer enterprise-level security architecture. We employ leading edge security protocols and technologies, from advanced network and host-based intrusion detection systems to strong data encryption security modules. Our products and services have been designed to withstand the scrutiny of some of world’s largest and most technologically advanced financial institutions, insurance companies and technology providers and to give our clients and their customers the utmost confidence and peace of mind.

Additional Information

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