Enterprises are using increasingly sophisticated document management systems to handle their transactions, but are forced to hit print (or to attach a document to an email) to complete the process and request signatures.

This clumsy method has real costs, such as postage, scanning, processing and filing, and indirect ones like the arcane cost of having to track down signatures, fix errors and devote time to non-revenue generating activities, as well the negative repercussions of a poor customer experience.

iSIGN’s solutions offer enterprises and their service providers an elegant way to accelerate the closing of transactions and to improve the ease of managing them.

Greater protection

In many instances, electronic signatures can provide greater protection than handwritten, or “wet” signatures. Wet signatures are relatively easy to forge and provide no proof of a signer’s intent beyond the affixation of a signature. Conversely, iSIGN’s patent protected esignature solutions can, among other benefits, verify the authenticity of a signer’s biometric signature, provide tamper-proof evidence for electronic documents, offer a detailed audit trail to show signer intent and protect against signer repudiation, and deliver added security through authentication and OTP integrations


In an economic environment where topline revenue growth is increasingly hard to come by, managing businesses in a more efficient basis is a clear way to grow shareholder value. Over the past 10 years, iSIGN solutions have delivered hundreds of millions of dollars in efficiencies to our client base. We are proud to consistently provide a very rapid return on investment. Every time a client esigns a document using iSIGN technology, costs such as postage, scanning and processing are eliminated or greatly reduced, and the time to close transactions is compressed.

Reduced transaction cycle times

In addition to the tangible cost savings, iSIGN accelerates return on investment through intangible cost savings, such as the opportunity cost of having employees spending time securing signatures, fixing errors and devoting resources to other non-revenue generating activities related to document signatures. Less time spent managing transactions results in more time available to generate new business.

Improved customer experience

iSIGN is a client-driven company. Our ability to grow is based entirely on delivering better value to our clients by listening to and improving our technology in accordance with their inputs. Our products and services are aimed at making our clients’ businesses easier to manage. Similarly, our clients understand that their success is based on customer satisfaction and they have implemented our solutions, not only to become more efficient and profitable and to increase their revenue generating bandwidth, but also to offer their customers the best experience available. iSIGN products and services deliver such user experience improvements by streamlining the signature process through elimination of paper and the need for printing, scanning and sending overnight packages.


Technology is driving tremendous change in business processes, enabling remote workers and transactions to be conducted with greater speed, lower processing costs and remote from a traditional office environment. iSIGN’s esignature technology is part of this trend. Removing paper, as well as software and hardware constraints, and leveraging mobile devices, iSIGN solutions support ubiquitous business transactions – following our clients to any environment and location.


iSIGN’s esignature technology is “green” in more ways than one. From an environmental perspective, electronic signatures eliminate paper and reduce mailings.  Fewer resources are consumed, generating environmental benefits. Our technology also enables our clients to close deals faster, generating a different type of “green” – more sales using the same resources and higher customer satisfaction levels