With the world’s most secure and flexible esignature solutions, iSIGN works across a wide range of industries supporting the transition towards a truly paperless workflow in electronic business processes. iSIGN has deployments with over 400 channel partners and enterprises worldwide, representing hundreds of thousands of users with over 100 million electronic signatures captured each year. iSIGN technology eliminates the need for billions of sheets of paper and is a key driver in reducing enterprise costs and increasing human resource efficiencies.


Six of North America’s Top Ten insurance companies rely on iSIGN technology. This is a testament both to the quality of iSIGN solutions and to the fact that adoption of esignatures in the insurance industry is rapidly advancing due to the tremendous savings and efficiencies available to one of the most paper-intensive industries. Using iSIGN technology, current clients, including Prudential, AIG, Travelers, WFG and others, have completed the automation of many insurance products and processes, such as policy application and administration systems, client relationship management systems, and agency management systems, to name a few.


Two of North America’s top five banks rely on iSIGN technology, which has driven millions of dollars in savings by improving processes surrounding account opening and management, signature cards, loan origination and mortgage processing, and broker-dealer documentation, to name a few. iSIGN early solutions as the engine behind signature tablets has expanded to on premise and cloud server solutions deployed with a large range of enterprises; from institutions like Wells Fargo and Charles Schwab to smaller credit unions and community banks. Take advantage of iSIGN’s legally binding solutions that are compliant with FDIC, OFAC, NCUA, RESPA, TILA and other regulatory agencies, and generate similar performance improvements to your bottom line.

In Europe, our esignature and biometric authentication are key elements serving large corporations and government organizations in the clearance of direct debit transactions under the EU’s new guidelines for the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA).


Working with some of the leading providers of software solutions to the healthcare industry, including Oracle/Siebel and Cegedim, iSIGN is working to provide increased efficiency to a highly regulated, primarily paper-based industry. HIPAA and other privacy requirements dictate that consumer medical information be protected against unauthorized access. iSIGN esignature solutions can help to ensure that your healthcare solutions go completely paperless without sacrificing data security.


For any organization that relies on handwritten signatures to complete transactions, our esignature solutions can reduce your operating costs and increase completion speed. Join the 400 channel partners and enterprises worldwide that use iSIGN to become more efficient and provide better service to their constituents. Our legally binding and secure solutions are currently being used in government procurement, contract management, purchasing, logistics and numerous other applications that can benefit from an improved and streamlined business process.