As business tools, the primary objective of iSIGN solutions is to improve business process efficiency by reducing both the direct cost and human resource effort required by a task that is not a core competency for most enterprises – the signature.

Similarly, our partners’ primary focus is to add value to business processes. This can take many forms, such as providing electronic alternatives to costly and time consuming paper based procedures (both on-premise and on-demand), integrating more complete solutions for end user convenience, offering highly specialized and higher quality point solutions, among others.

We understand that, typically, a signature represents one of the final steps in a larger and more complex business process that can be greatly improved through partner collaboration. To this end we have established as one of our top priorities the continued growth of our partner network.

Let us work together to improve the way enterprises transact business, and let our esignature technology become a new selling point that can increase the appeal of your products and services and become a new revenue stream for you. To become an iSIGN partner click here.